Corrinne Wallace

Corrinne Wallace


Foundation Role

I am a Co-founder of OC Trail Tales Foundation, and CO-owner of OC Trail Tales. My initial goals as owner of Trail Tales which we started 5 years ago, was to get individuals interested in running the trails that we have right here in our back yards, and seeing the beauty in nature. I love helping people take that first step and realizing that they can take many more, in life and on the trails. I came to soon realize that there is a great big community of individuals with different goals and commitments and beliefs, and what a great opportunity we had to form a foundation.

My role as Co-founder is the same as all of our Foundation board members, and OC Trail Tales members, and that is to help our community strive to be its very best, and help in the way we know best and that’s through contribution and hard work.

Professional Background

I have been working full time at KPMG in Data Analytics for over a year now since they acquired the company Wise Window that I previously worked for.

Hobbies and Interests

Besides spending time with my 3 boys and Dog, I love to run, cycle, and swim, that’s the obvious. I truly have a passion for crafts as well, and I love to quilt and scrapbook. I have my own quilting business, and that and the workouts keep me pretty busy.

Where I Grew Up

I was born in Oakland California, and grew up in Alameda California, where my grandmother still resides. I am a Northern California girl, but have adapted to Southern California and the weather here very well.

Before OC Trail Tales

Nine years ago before my middle son’s birthday, I asked what he wanted, and he told me he wanted me to quit smoking. His eye opening reply made me realize that I was in need of a lifestyle change. I quit smoking, started walk/running, ran my first half marathon, then several. I Ran my first full marathon, then several. Discovered ultra running and then started running ultras. I then Ran my first 50 miler, then a few. Through my ultra running family, discovered triathlons, and all the fun and excitement those sports bring to my life. My children are very involved with sports as well, and two of my son’s say they would like to do a triathlon with me some day. I am very proud to say, that I have changed my lifestyle, and am showing my children a better way, and I know they are proud of me.

Corrinne in Action