Marcy Gelfand

Marcy Gelfand


Foundation Role

I am the VP of Marketing for the OC Trail Tales Foundation for a 2 year term commencing September 2013. This is my first experience as a Board Member, so I’m learning each day what, when, how, where, and why.

Professional Background

In my day to day life I am a Sr. Telecommunications Engineer professional with 20 years of work experience working on Avaya and Cisco networks.

Hobbies and Interests

My hobbies and interests include running, swimming, and cycling. My favorite of the three is cycling. It’s the greatest “high” speeding down a huge hill on your bike, with the wind blowing, and the trees and scenery going by so fast. One of my favorite events in October 2013 was a 52 mile bike ride in wine country Temecula, California. The up hills were beastly, but going down them was spectacular.

I also enjoy doing arts and crafts with my niece and nephews, and making custom semi-precious gemstone beaded jewelry. My favorite medium to work with is pearls. I feel they are timeless and classic and go with everything.

Where I Grew Up

I grew up in Kansas City and now live in beautiful California with my amazing husband Greg.

How long in OC Trail Tales

I joined OC Trail Tales in August 2012 and completed my first 5k in April 2013, and my first Sprint Triathlon August 2013.

Marcy in Action