OC Trail Tales Foundation was created by a group of fun and dynamic athletes who are constantly striving to be a positive presence in the community. Our foundation is comprised of individuals of all ages and abilities that are passionate about living an active and philanthropic lifestyle.

The foundation is teaming up with partners around the country to raise awareness about tough challenges such as cancer, obesity, diabetes and mental illness. Our mission is to bring attention to these epidemics through fundraising and volunteer opportunities while bringing people and nature together.

For each issue we work on, we fund innovative ideas that will tackle these issues head on. An essential role of philanthropy is to invest in promising solutions. As each goal is accomplished we share the results so everyone can benefit.

We are committed and compassionate about making a difference in our community. By focusing on a few big goals and working with our partners on solutions, we can help promote a healthy and productive lifestyle.

Pete Vara and Corrinne Wallace


“The bond that makes your true family is not one of blood, but of respect and joy in each other’s lives” ~ Richard Bach - Author