Pete Vara

Pete Vara


Foundation Role

I am a Co-founder of OC Trail Tales Foundation, and CO-owner of OC Trail Tales. My initial goals as owner of Trail Tales which we started 5 years ago, was to get individuals interested in running the trails. I love working with athletes and helping them accomplish their goals.

My role as Co-founder is to help build several key areas. First, building teams of dedicated people to tackle conservation efforts locally and abroad. Second, there a big opportunities for runners, triathletes, walkers to fundraise for the charities they feel passionate about. Lastly, the opportunity to gather creative and dedicated people into teams and provide them resources and guidance as they tackle the challenges is very fulfilling.

Professional Background

I have been working full time at KPMG in Data Analytics for several years now since they acquired the company Wise Window that I previously worked for.

Hobbies and Interests

Besides spending time with my 2 girls. I love to run, cycle, and swim, that's the obvious. I played Rugby in College and was on the UCI Crew team.

Where I Grew Up

I was born in Inglewood, CA. And grew up in Long Beach, CA went to the University of California Irvine, where I studied Pre-Med and Social Science.

Before OC Trail Tales

After our loss of my first child to SIDS in 2000. I found an outlet to deal with the loss thru running. Although at the time I did not like it, it was a challenge for me and to a degree still is :) I decided to test what my body can endure and kept raising the bar after each accomplishment. What started out as simple Turkey Trot 5k turned into Ultra Marathons, from Sprint Triathlons into Ironman's.

Pete in Action