Roger Realsen

Roger Realsen


Foundation Role

I am so honored to have been asked to serve as Vice President of IT for the OC Trail Tales Foundation. This will be my first experience serving on a board and being part of a non-profit organization. My role will be primarily focused on the technical side of things, however as with most IT areas, we tend to fill in where our expertise can be used best.

Professional Background

After obtaining my Bachelor’s degree in Finance, I spent the first 15 years of my career life working in the internal IT department at PC Mall, Inc., one of the largest computer distributors and resellers in the nation. I held various titles throughout this tenure spending the final 5 years as VP of IT for its largest subsidiary, SARCOM. I am currently in my third year as a Sr. Software Engineer for Tridex Systems, Inc. headquarted in Colorado Springs, CO. We are a managed services provider that supplements and complements an existing IT staff. We support clients nationwide and I am directly responsible for supporting the ERP applications at our clients’ sites.

Where I Grew Up

I grew up right here in Orange County, CA. I am an “almost” native having been here since pre-school. I graduated from California State Fullerton in 1993 and began my work career right away. As you may have read in another board member’s profile (Stephanie Realsen), I found the love of my life while visiting San Diego and was lucky enough to marry her on a snowy mountain top on leap-year day in 2008! We currently live in Rancho Santa Margarita with our 5 year old boxer-mix rescue pups, Neva and Isabella.

How long in OC Trail Tales

I joined OCTT in November 2013. My wife had joined a few months prior and due to the training schedule, she was out training 6 days a week after work or on weekend mornings and was having so much fun. So it became the “if you can’t beat ‘em – join ‘em” scenario. I figured if I ever wanted to see her again, I might as well join. Along with that argument, trying to get in better shape and generally lead a healthier lifestyle also played a role. OC Trail Tales is an amazing group of like-minded individuals. Every one of them supportive and positive to every level and every goal. I am proud to call myself an OCTT Member!!

Hobbies and Interests

I grew up surfing and along the way have let that go, however, I have a surfboard (or two) in the garage and dream of someday getting back in to it again. Another passion of mine is skiing and Mammoth Mountain in the Eastern Sierra is my ski home-away-from-home. In 2012, the wife and I took a vacation to Cordova, AK for a week of heli-skiing in the Chugach Mountains. It was truly a “bucket list” trip of a lifetime! We also belong to a dog-adventure group and bring our girls out to walk and socialize with other dogs as often as we can.

Roger in Action